Palestine in view of nature_EQA

Palestine in view of nature_EQA

Palestine, in spite of its small area relative to other countries, it contains a huge quantity of all kinds of biodiversity, which was gained because of its special location. The geographical, climatic, and diversity of ecological systems reflected positively on the great natural heritage of biodiversity of protected areas, unique landscapes areas. Moreover, the enormous abundance and richness of the biodiversity of plants, wildlife and marine life has played a significant role in the well-being of communities and humans and the sustainability of their livelihoods. All the above mentioned made Palestine as a station for millions of the

Migratory birds. In addition to that, Palestine is unique in its richness of the cultural heritage because of the series of successive civilizations, that all gave it plenty of mosques, churches, temples, monasteries and other kinds of monuments, which gave Palestine a unique and special value.

In spite of the brutal Israeli occupation and its violations against the Palestinian human being and the nature and natural resources, we strive to be in the footsteps of the whole world in the conservation and protection of the nature and environment and for the sustainability of our natural heritage. We are working for the participation of the international community in efforts to protect the planet, and to halt the loss of biodiversity in all its components through the implementation of special programs for the sustainable management and conservation of nature reserves, increasing green areas, conservation and rehabilitation of natural habitats, preserving endangered species, combating invasive alien species, combating desertification and adapting to climate change. The progress can be achieved through the access to and adherence to the various international environmental agreements, and the implementation of our obligations towards achieving sustainable development. Although our firm conviction that there is no development with the occupation. Also, the international community must win the Palestinian people and their rights by implementing the resolutions of international legitimacy and enabling them to determine their own destiny and establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

This guide aims at highlighting the biodiversity in Palestine in term of birds, wild animals, wild flowers, and wild trees and shrubs. In addition, it shows some of natural reserves, the climatic systems, and the biogeographic regions in Palestine. moreover, this guide will be a tool for promoting the ecotourism which is being considered nowadays beside the religious, historical and cultural tourism. This initiative comes to promote the relation between the Palestinian people and their land and natural and cultural heritage, in addition to attract the tourists, visitors, scientists, researchers, and interested people all over the world. In this regard, we are emphasizing on what the Palestinian poet Mr. Mahmoud Darwish said On this land what deserve the life.

Year 2019

Eng. Adalah Attireh

Environment Quality Authority Chairperson

Language: English and Arabic