Responsible travel tips

Responsible travel tips

Responsible travel is simply being socially and culturally aware when you travel, understanding your effect on the places you visit and trying to make that affect a positive one .

Here are tips for you: 

1. Respect the local community’s culture and religious beliefs.

Mutual respect and interactions with local community enhances knowledge of the existing culture and habits. In Palestine there are religious and cultural diversity that varies from one region to another, so be sure to be familiar with this diversity before visiting.

2. Buy from locals.

One of the most important goals of ecotourism is to support local tourism, which contribute to promoting the elements of sustainable development. We advise you to buy locally made products in the areas whether it is food or handicraft products and use the local services.

3. Respect the privacy of others.

Privacy is an important consideration you should realize in your hike, for example, do not take photos for individuals or groups from the local community without having their permission.

4. Leave only your footprints.

In the trip, collect your trash. You may also pick up trash you find near you and dispose it properly.

5. Reduce pollution.

Reduce waste and pollution through minimizing the use of plastic bags and cups

6. Reduce water depletion.