Environmental Inspectors Guidebook for Wildlife Protection in Palestine

Environmental Inspectors Guidebook for Wildlife Protection in Palestine

Wildlife Protection Guidebook is an illustrative manual containing the most important birds and animals prohibited from trafficking or hunting. It serves as a tool for environmental inspectors during their work in confiscating birds and animals, to identify the confiscated species and their importance, facilitating their handling and determining their condition for appropriate management.

The guidebook serves as a pictorial reference for endangered birds and animals, detailing their habitats and geographic areas of residence. It is one of the outputs of the Environmental Police Training Project and inspectors of the Environmental Quality Authority, accomplished in partnership with the Environmental Quality Authority and distributed to environmental police officers and inspectors.

The guidebook represents an opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts and those interested in educating and raising awareness about locally endangered species and the importance of their protection. Its aim is to increase awareness of the importance of wildlife protection and to encourage the development of policies, regulations, and systems for wildlife conservation.

The guidebook seeks to:

  •  Provide information and phone numbers for the Environment police and Environmental Quality Authority offices in the provinces to report any birds or animals in markets or injured anywhere.
  •  Assist individuals in identifying endangered species and those prohibited from trafficking. This knowledge is necessary to prevent inadvertent harm or disturbance to these animals in the wild.
  •  Serve as a guidebook for those considering acquiring wild animals and birds, informing them of the ethical and legal concerns related to such purchases, ultimately warning them against acquisition and holding them accountable through the law. It also presents important information about the dangers of acquiring wild animals. A valuable source for people to familiarize themselves with these animals to participate in wildlife conservation and take action to protect these species and their habitats.
  •  Present the threats to biodiversity in Palestine and provide an important introduction to biodiversity in Palestine.