Fahma reserve

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  • Habitat: Simi-steppe batha

    Ecozone: Semi Coastal

    Area handed over: 400 dunum

    IUCN criteria: IV -Managed Reserve 

    Land owner: Government and Private

    Governorate: Jenin govenorate

    North Palestine

    Phytogeographical Regions: Mediterranean Sea

    Annual rainfall: 500-600 mm

    Soil: Terra Rossa, Rendzina

    Nearby village: Fahmeh


It is located on an area of 400 dunums of western slopes of the hills of the village of Fahmeh, southwest of Jenin, it was a natural forest, and today the reserve is an oasis of biodiversity containing natural plants and seasonal grass and high-value plant species, and the reserve is stopover for migratory birds.

Visitors to the reserve can see number of wild animals such as the Palestine Mountain gazelle, fox, snake and some birds such as desert Pipit, Pallid Harrier, and eagle.

The protected area is classified as agricultural land with natural vegetation cover in the organization plan for land use by the Palestinian government, and their lands are governmental and private.

Mohammad Atari   0597853731

Usama Zoughbi     0593304975

Ala Abu Sada         0598907270

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