Um Rehan reserve

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Um El-rehan nature reserve is far away 25 km, west of Jenin city, on a village called Um-El-rehan nearby the town of Ya'ad and among the lands of Torfa ,Al-Gharbia and Barata Al-Sharqiya villages, it is extended to almost 14,000 dunums. The reserve is located in a buffer zone behind the isolation and discriminated wall, so visitors should manage with the eastern municipality of Barata before to gain a visit permit for the place.

The tour of the environmental trail in a place called “Umrah" from the tower (Umrah), which was the central of Jordanian leaders, visitors can climb naturally and see the beauty of the reserve and its vegetation cladding and take pictures showing the landscape and aesthetic of the area and the reserve which is considered as a small-scale version of the nature in Palestine. From the tower, visitors may direct to the western side of the reserve to (Khirbet Abdullah Younis) crossing the valley to finish the trail in the spring of the town of Barata, through touring inside the reserve, they realize from the north side of the reserve a dense forest of oak trees and mastics. As visitors walk through the reserve, they can see on the southern side of the reserve large areas of oak trees, carob, hawthorn, mastics, medicinal herbs such as common sage, thyme and wild flowers such as red and violet anemones, Jerusalem spurge, Iris vartanii, common iris, Althaea flowers, Gladiolus and Hairy Pink Flax.

The reserve is characterized by Mediterranean forests ecosystems, and the visitor can  make tour in the reserve as a main line between dense trees that form a shadow to the visitors, that while walking in the reserve,  they see a vegetarian diversity, the reserve is located on the area direction from west to east, which is the natural extension of the nature reserve  of Mount Amir in the north, and the northern direction is covered with a dense forest of carperini oak trees and types of harrach trees and in the south direction areas of the forest and a parked forest of the Aleppo oak. Sitting in the reserve ground enable visitors enjoying the birding and observing local and migratory birds, as it is a center for birding, visitors may see the Lesser Kestrel, the Short-toed Snake Eagle and the white stork.

Several wild animals were observed in the reserve such as the Palestine Mountain gazelle, Rock Hyrax, red fox, the golden jackal and wild boar. The reserve has remained protected since the British Mandate, and the Mahmiyat project team, in collaboration with the Palestinian Environmental and Tourism Association and the eastern municipality of Barata, recently promoted the importance of the reserve, which is a vital part of the Palestinian ecosystem.

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