Cretzschmar's Bunting 

Cretzschmar's Bunting  / Emberiza caesia / درسة زرقاء الرأس

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Status: Rare breeder, Common migrant

A medium sized bunting that belongs to the Emberizidae family in the Passerine order. The Bunting is named after Jacob Cretzschmar, a german doctor that taught anatomy and zoology in Frankfurt. The Cretzschmar's Bunting is very similar to the Ortolan Bunting, The male is very obvious with its grey-bluish head, orange throat and mustache stripe, and deep rustic belly. Females and Juveniles are duller with grayish head, pale orange throat, and reddish rump. All individuals share a pure white eye ring and not yellowish as the Ortolan bunting. The flight call is also a slightly sharper "tzip" than the Ortolan Bunting's. The Cretzschmar's bunting breeds in Greece, turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. In the winter it migrates to Sudan and Eretria. It breeds on open Mediterranean open habitats as chaparral and garigue. It feeds mainly on seeds though during the breeding it feeds its chicks with insects.The Cretzschmar's bunting is classified as Least Concern due to a rather stable population worldwide. Nevertheless in the Middle East  its status is Endangered due to loss of habitat by human development and over grazing. In Palestine the Cretzschmar's Bunting was known to breed in all the western slopes of the west bank. Nowadays it is a rare breeder in remote areas and protected areas, mainly Hebron area.

Migratory behaviour: Migration and Breeder