Baby's Breath / Muscari parviflorum / أنفاس الطفل

Status: Very common

The plant is herbaceous and perennial, growing upto a height of 23 cm. The flowers are pale blue to deep blue or Lilac in colour with six dark blue stripes, hermaphrodite with homogenous seeds-fruits.

The shape of the flowers is globular or oval with a very narrow mouth or opening. Each set of 7 to 12 flowers are loosely arranged in the form of a grape. In the fertile flowers, the stems are ascending, while infertile flowers are either very reduced in size or completely absent.

Leaves are narrow, straight and entire with a smooth margin, spines and stipules are absent, and the leaf arrangement type is ‘Rosette’ – 3 to 5 leaves are arranged in this pattern and measuring 7-20 cms x 0.8-1.5 mm. The plant develops onion bulbs as survival organs during the winter season. Spines are  completely absent.

Other names: Autumn Grape Hyacinth, Lesser Grape Hyacinth.

IUCN red list status: not evaluated

Local status: least concern