Beitillu (Wadi Jannata) Reserve Trail

Beitillu (Wadi Jannata) Reserve Trail


The trail passes through Janata Valley nature reserve, passing through distinctive natural areas starting from Beitillu Village.

Phytogeographical Region: Mediterranean 

A tour through the trail

This trail starts from the centre of the village of Beitillu, near the old mosque. The movement takes place north among beautiful extended plains near the brilliant old town of Al Alali and the old buildings that represent the style of building and the old Palestinian life with several wild plants such as orchids., it is a wilderness forest in the middle of the memorial of the Prophet ghaeth.

The visitor starts ascending towards the summit of Yabun mountain, which rises about 550 m above sea level. To the north, the summit extends among a planted and native tree forest. The visitor can see carob and mastic trees, the visitor from the middle of this forest towards the Arabs on Wadi Al Shaar or the famous Wadi Ayn Kalakla, and there are the remains of the freedom of Deir Sharaf and Khairat Bannoun, and among them are a group of springs flowing in the valley to be distracted by the spring of a kick originating from the heart of rocks in valley bed which characterized by the beauty of nature around it and types of the birds visiting the place.

The visitor continues to walk among these beautiful trees and nature, a distance of about a kilometre, to start descending to the north overlooking the Zarqa Valley, famous for its springs of water, which is in the middle of the Soud Valleys in the east, and Janata in the west. The last one is one of valleys formed Natufiyah, which may have led to the beginnings of agriculture on the banks of the valleys. The valley located below the Janata Reserve includes more than 10 water springs, and the visitor passes when descending from the area designated for two springs, namely: Al-Zarqa and Al-Bawlaa’. and to maintain its Palestinian identity, the trail ends in the valley overlooking in the north parts of the mountain reserve called Janata, which was popularly known as Al Hashemi

The visitor can climb the top of the Janata Reserve using a specially prepared stairway for visitors, reaching a maximum height of 550 m above sea level. The tree forest extends at the foothills of the summits, in the valley, and its area reaches 3.5 square kilometres of natural Palestinian trees. Which is full of diverse and beautiful forms of life, and the visitor enjoys in Wadi Zarqa in the west towards Wadi Janata, it is a road that extends about 2 km back and forth to see through its Ain Al-Jarb, Al-Dalia, Al-Hanhan, and Al-Qasr, in addition to the ruins of a Roman as a memorial was built for one of the saints in the Ayyubid period.


The region is considered to have a distinctive natural diversity, as it has beautiful flowers such as deer blood plants (Arseen), anemones, wild jasmine, lentils, Fennel, asparagus, thyme, wild mint, and pink peach, White raspberry, etc. The reserve is an important area for birds, so it is possible to see Short Toed Eagle, woodpeckers, mountain partridges, Palestinian sunbirds, the spotted flycatcher, robin, and others. In addition to several faunas such as Water dice snake, tree frog, and several types of dragonflies.

Length: 4 km
Elevation Change: 550 m
Allowed: Walking
Difficulty: Easy
Region: Center

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