Fasayil Reserve Trail

Fasayil Reserve Trail

The trial starts from the bottom of the Eastern slopes North of the village of Duma, through the Fasayil Reserve

A tour through the trail:

The trail starts from the eastern slopes north of the village of Duma, overlooking the eastern plains to Ain Fasayel reserve, which historically support the village with drinking water.

Through walking in the trail, the plain extends to the direction of the middle valley can be seen richly with springs of water and running waters, and the remains of water springs and Roman ponds. Al-Mentar, which contains stones can be reached at a distance of 1.5km, ancient bases and buildings were built, leading to the Al-Rashash spring, south of Douma, in order to get a break in vital places in eastern foothills and Jordan river, the trail passes through the running water does not change to mountain through the hills of the region, and then to a desert as it heads east. It is part of the Fasayel Reserve, which was named after the well-known spring of water in the reserve. It originates from one organization, and is poured into the same valley, including Ain Miska with its distinguishing set, Ain Jumeir, Ras al-Nabeh, and the motherhood, among which are these four springs Surrounded by hills with short wild shrubs, visitors continue to walk through the valley to the south and into the desert nature in east. It includes several archaeological and historical monuments such as wells, tombs carved in the rock of varying sizes, ancient building and two monasteries, Deir-Al-deir and Deir Al-mentar



Plants grow in this area in the form of short scattered shrubs, including thistles such Acacia, Asparagus and others. There are also short trees such as Retama and Hyphaene, and Tamarisk and others. In the area, visitors can see group of birds such as white storks, kestrels, kingfishers and others. The visitor can see the Palestinian mountain gazelle, and other mammals around the trail.

Length: 7 km
Allowed: Walking
Difficulty: Medium
Region: Center

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